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  • Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A
Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A

Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A

  • Product description: Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A
PCB Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A
Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A Features:
1. Function: used for precision HSC, FPC and LCD, PCB heat soldering applies to the 0.08mm pitch LCD modules Crimp
2. Machine architecture:aluminum alloy structure, stable deformation
3. Platform: automatic access to formula feeding mode.
4. Thermode head mechanism: four~column~tube position slide mechanism, to ensure the accuracy of crimping
5. Camera system: Optional color / monochrome camera registration system

PCB Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A
Connector Soldering Mahcine,CWHP-3A Parameters:
Heating mode:                  Thermostatic heating
Power:                              220V,1100W
Max thermodeLength :     120mm
Machine size:                   380×450×520mm
Pressure range:                 20~100kgf/cm2(cylinder 50)
Time control:                   0.1S~999H ±0.1S
Camera system:                2 groups of black and white zoom position:
Temperature control:       room temperature ~400±1℃
Gas source:                      0.1~0.5Mpa Compressedair
Net weight:                     50kgs

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