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  • pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN
pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN

pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN

  • Product description: pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN
pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN Features:
1.On~line conveyor loading and landing automatically
2.Has alarm system, manual test & adjustment is available
3.Double side soldering at the same time
4.Advanced temp. controlling system, high precision temp & soldering time controlling
5.Stable temp. profit, high frequency inverter frequency, short power cycle.
6.LCD display for soldering temp.
7.Closed loop PID temperature control with visible LED display.
8.Three section of heating setting, the temperature rises quickly and steadily

9.20 groups of programs can be stored, using RRPROM to prevent data from missing.

pipe bonding machine,CWPDY2IN Specification:

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