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The Working Principle of Automatic Dispensing Machine

The automatic dispensing machine is to pre-point a special glue on the position of the PCB board to fix the patch components, and then pass the wave soldering after curing. Dispensing is done automatically according to the program. 1. Tubular rotating glue control; ordinary, digital time controller. 2. Dispensing pen tip set fretting touch switch, easy to operate; without air pressure, connect to the power supply to work.

Archimedes type dispensing pump:

1. How it works: Compressed air is fed into a plastic bottle (syringe), which presses the glue into the feed tube. The glue flows through a screw that rotates at a fixed time and at a specific speed. The rotation of the screw forms a shear force on the glue, which causes the glue to flow down the thread. The rotation of the screw is constantly pressurized on the glue and causes it to flow out of the dispensing nozzle.

2. Features: There is no fixed limit on the flexibility of the glue dot diameter. Can be adjusted by software. However, when a large amount of glue drops, the screw rotates for a long time, which will reduce the output of the entire machine. In addition, the viscosity and flow properties of the glue can affect its stability.

Non-contact dispensing pump:

1. How it works: Compressed air is fed into a plastic bottle (syringe) and pressed into the feed tube connected to the piston chamber where it is heated and the temperature is controlled to achieve the best consistent consistency. Using a ball seat structure, the glue fills the void left by the retraction of the ball from the seat. When the ball comes back, the flow of glue is shut off due to the force of acceleration, and it is ejected from the nozzle of the dispensing nozzle, and drops onto the board to form a glue dot.

2. Features: 1) Eliminates the glue tails produced by traditional methods. 2) There is no problem with the wear of the dispensing needle and interference with other parts. 3) No needle damage. 4) No scrappage due to bending of the substrate and damage by the needle tip.


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