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Seven Factors Affecting Product Quality in Dispensing Applications

Where can the dispensing machine apply? Electronic industry mobile phone button dispensing, mobile phone battery package, laptop battery package, computer speaker / receiver, coil dispensing, PCB bonding bonding, IC sealing glue, speaker outer ring dispensing, PDA sealing glue, LCD sealing glue, IC Packaging, IC bonding, chassis bonding, optical devices. How to use the dispensing machine to do the dispensing work.

We give the following points of experience:

1. Curing factors: For the curing of glue, the general manufacturer has given the temperature curve. Generally can be cured at room temperature, in fact, should be used as high as possible to cure, so that the glue has sufficient strength and hardness after curing.

2. Bubbles can affect the quality of the dispensers during the dispensing process. Therefore, before the glue is put in, there must be no bubbles. If there are bubbles, it will cause the products produced by the dispenser to have many defective products. The glue air must be discharged to prevent empty dispensers.

3, vacuum suction valve must be installed on the dispenser, because the vacuum suck back function is to prevent the glue in the dispenser is still missing when the glue is not dispensing, if you install this kit you can reasonably adjust the vacuum suction valve , which can further control the two cases of drip and wire drawing.

4. Specification and category of the needle: The specification of the needle will affect the size and precision of the glue dispensed by the dispensing machine. When the pressure is within a certain range, the larger the needle tip, the greater the gel yield, so According to the dispensing machine in the size of the product produced to locate the dispensing needle specifications, the general diameter of the needle diameter to maintain half the diameter of the dots, the effect is good.

5. The amount of glue dispensed is determined by the length of time the dispensing machine lasts in the dispensing process. The longer the time, the greater the amount of glue dispensed based on our experience. This ensures that there is enough glue to stick The components can also avoid waste of resources due to excessive glue.

6, in the dispensing machine industry commonly used glue is probably epoxy, instant glue, silicone, anaerobic adhesive, UV glue.

7, the pressure directly affects the amount of glue and glue outflow speed, the worse the fluidity of the glue, the thicker it will be, the greater the pressure it needs, so we should be based on the dispensing machine in the production process of the ambient temperature As well as the amount of glue dispensed and the characteristics of the glue to adjust the pressure, the pressure of the dispenser is regulated by its internal pressure regulator.


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