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Soldering Machine Operating Environment Requirements

Automatic soldering machine has advanced DSP control technology, which makes the system faster, while the system has a friendly man-machine interface, effectively improving the production efficiency; the control system uses a smooth curve speed, making the machine run more smoothly and reduce The noise of the whole machine prolongs the service life of the machine. What working environment is needed during use?

 Let us tell you:

1. Automatic soldering machine system power supply and grounding: Power supply requirements: The electronic control system can use DC24V DC power supply. According to the different machine configuration, the power consumption is between 0.1-0.2KW.
Grounding requirements: In order to prevent electric shock or fire accidents caused by leakage, overvoltage, insulation, etc. of the electrical equipment, please ground the electrical control reliably.
Grounding resistance is less than 100 ohms, wire length is within 20 meters, and wire cross-sectional area is greater than 1.0 square millimeter.
2. Note the use of automatic soldering machine: Please do not repair and debug the electrical system by non-professionals, which will reduce the safety performance of the equipment, expand the failure, and even cause personnel injury and property damage. Please do not stack debris around the control box of the automatic soldering machine. During the use, remove the dust on the control box surface and the filter regularly to keep the system well ventilated and conducive to heat dissipation.
3. Automatic soldering machine working environment: good ventilation, sanitation, dust less; storage space temperature: 0-50 °; working space temperature: 5-40 °; working space relative humidity: 30% -90% without condensation.


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